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Directors Brian Lee (chairman)
Ian Robinson (secretary)
Michael DiSanto      Duke Maskell

Since 1970 we have been publishing criticism, fiction, poetry, theology, politics. Our list shows that what Matthew Arnold called criticism of life can still flourish.
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Christopher Morgan reading the amazing “Ballad of Aberfan”—click Aberfan (but beware, it will make you want to buy the book it comes from, Stalking the A4).
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copyright © 2017 Peter-John Robertson

                              Dark before Light, a Year Later

                    As I walk along the riverbank
                    Downstream, towards dusk,
                    My heart catches with dark
                    Imaginings—what were you
                    Seeing, thinking, braving
                    Five hours ahead in the thick
                    Of night, last year, as the last
                    Threshold drew near?—half
                    Glad at the same time to know
                    That you are now somehow free.
                    It’s cold here. Beside me
                    The skin of the great river
                    Shivers. The cold seeps into my gloves
                    As it would yours. I turn upstream
                    For home. The low sun stares
                    Glassily over the waters. No geese,
                    No gulls. Two shapes silhouetted
                    On the dock, facing upriver,
                    Immobile, as though carved there.
                    The freezing stillness promises snow
                    Tomorrow or the day after.
                    After, the sun will rise again and,
                    I must hope, shine again on you.

                         December 15, 2016

This is one of Peter-John Robertson’s cycle of poems For Lucy, now first published on this website. Click on shop at the top of this page then click on web texts and scroll down to Robertson. There are two versions of the text; both can be read freely online or download. The first has the text in one file, the other, called “For Lucy (imposed version)”, can be printed-out and stapled to make a booklet of sixteen A5 pages plus cover.
     Copyright is maintained and neither file nor print-out may be reproduced in any form or sold without the permission of the author.

copyright © 2016, 2017 The Brynmill Press Ltd

Three books alas! not published by us

The Brexit Years: a Handbook for Survivors
by Jane Montague & John Pick
ATWP, 88pp. paperback, £10.95; ebook £4.99; ISBN 9780993443138

A brisk demonstration of the vagueness and sometimes downright meaninglessness that characterised the Referendum campaign last year and is now going strong in Parliament. Charmingly and quizzically illustrated by Jane Montague.
     John Pick, a former director of this company, is the author of two books on our list: for details click on Shop.

What is Wrong with Us?
Essays in Cultural Pathology ed. Eric Coombes and Theodore Dalrymple
Imprint Academic, pp. 10+336, paperback, £14.95; ISBN 9781845409005

All four Brynmill directors have contributed a chapter to this book so it would not be proper for us to review it.
     The book calls attention to a range of symptoms of cultural collapse. We hope it is read, but . . . the old paradox. The common pursuit of true judgement is hard to find, but (1) if some people can see as much, judgement does survive though (2) if their judgement is right it is not possible for it to be recognised by the present opinion-forming elite because they are incapable of perceiving judgement.
     There is nevertheless room for another collection of a similar kind, to include essays on literature, common speech and music.

Eric Coombes, The Disutility of Utilitarianism
Theodore Dalrymple, Built to Destroy: the Nihilism of Modern Architecture
Michael Bussell, The Changing Profession of the Structural Engineer
Brian Lee, The World in a Form of Words: Art in the Community
Duke Maskell, British Values
Ian Robinson, Politics as Language, Language as Politics
Michael DiSanto, The Multiversity has Lost its Mind
Edward Lucie-Smith, Avant-Garde Lite and Magical Thinking
David Lee, State Art and its Commissars
Selby Whittingham, Turner in our Time: la Trahison des Clercs
Laura Gascoigne, Dangerous Nonsense: the Corporate Takeover
        of the Queen's English and the Cost to Art
Eric Coombes, Criticism and the Collapse of Culture
Theodore Dalrymple, Celebrity Culture, “. . . a fantasy and trick of fame”
Mark Dooley, Conserving the Sacred in a Virtual Kingdom

On the jacket of Roy Kerridge's Beside the Seaside and Other Tales (1974) we announced his Tales of Black London as “in preparation”. A later version is now available though not, alas! published by us. Tales of Old Black London includes some of the best things Kerridge has done—which is saying something!—including the vivid scene of Harold Gilbey's conversion by The Saints (a version of which appeared in The Human World no. 10, 1973).
        Tales of Old Black London, ISBN 9780956918482, 160 pp. paperback £8.99, is available only from Custom Books, 5, Cheselden Rd, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3SB. Prospective purchasers should make contact before trying to order. This may not be easy but the advice is to ring 05600-683-274 and ask for Dominic. Here is an instant rare book!
        The book we listed on the same jacket as also in preparation, Subjects of the Queen, was published in 2002 by the much-missed firm of Duckworth, with ISBN 9780715630204, and is easily available second-hand.
        For three books by Roy Kerridge which we do publish, including the enchanting children's story Druid Madonna, click on Shop, above.

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