There is More

poems by

Frances Blodwell

ISBN 978 0 9559996 9 7
46 pp., demy 8vo, paper covers, 4.80

Imagine that in your fifties you are diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis, the prognosis being certain death after the gradual decay of your faculties. What do you make of it?
     What Frances Blodwell made was poems. She had never written poetry seriously and was far too good a critic to misjudge her own works. She did it! There was more:

          New people
          new and unexpected friendships
          new experiences.
          New depths . . . .

This is real and sincere poetry.

“Her poems form contemporary psalms: honest, cutting, wry, painful, and yet also open to the reception of ultimate love.”—Church Times

  The first edition was given away as a memorial to the poet. Some of the responses:
I found it moving and haunting, the voice very distinctive. And a strength of spirit too.
Thanks very much for the poems. They’re very brave.
It spoke to my heart and my soul and my mind and all the people I want to share it with raced through my mind. . . . It is so well written. It speaks to my own experience.

You can find a few of these poems in our Column 39.

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