publication 12 April 2007

The Gatekeeper

a novel by

Brian Griffin

ISBN 978 0 907839 94 1   196 pages    demy 8vo    paperback


Ward Three (Rehabilitation) of Belknap General Hospital is a perhaps surprising scene for an elemental struggle for mastery, identity, and a grasp of reality, in a place where hallucination is normal. This fantastic but naturalistic story reverses the who-dunnit: the question is who will do it? The murderee is easily identified but who will be the murderer? Everyone in dream-haunted Ward Three has a motive for killing Max, towering (in his wheelchair) in his pride of place as gatekeeper. The question is finally answered bloodily in the real world. Brian Griffin has published science fiction novels; but here he writes of what he knows. The result is gripping, darkly humorous and full of suspense, with a dénouement that raises the question underlying the whole story: Who is our Gatekeeper? For a sample go to Sample.


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