Holding the Centre
Ian Robinson

Is it possible to judge a whole culture? In the four books of the Coming to Judgement series Ian Robinson tries. Holding the Centre judges the life of the Arts and Social Sciences faculties of our contemporary universities. Ranging through history, literary criticism, philosophy, linguistics, theology, sociology . . . Mr Robinson tries to establish that there is such a thing as common judgement, to which the specialisms contribute but are subservient. He shows by way of detailed examples that our own common judgement is not in a healthy state; which is the same as the diminution of shared sense.
     The paradox is that the abeyance of common judgement can only be shown by the exercise of common judgement, so the book is not just a cry of despair. In fact the arguments succeed only to the extent that they are lively. Entertainment was not the author’s intention but Holding the Centre is a good read!
pp. x + 252
demy 8vo, sewn hardback, 978 0 907839 97 2   £15.00

148 x 214 mm paperback 978 0 9559996 0 4 £12.00

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