Comments on The New Idea of a University
Duke Maskell and Ian Robinson

… the single most important essay published on the university system in the past twenty years …
          Mark Le Fanu, Cambridge Quarterly

… may well become a seminal text in the battle to save quality education
          Anthony Smith, Times Higher

This wonderful book ought to make the powers that be stop and think …
          Chris Woodhead, Sunday Telegraph

I completely agree with Chris Woodhead’s conclusion. … This wonderful book …
          Professor Anthony Flew, Salisbury Review

… blistering attack on the management of higher education … this is a necessary book … it should be read
          Martin Dodsworth, Chairman, Higher Education Committee, English Association

The New Idea of a University is a question we ought to have debated 10 or 15 years ago and still avoid
          John Clare, Daily Telegraph

[The Education Secretary] should read this book – but he won't
          Peter Mullen, Spectator

… a severe indictment of the current state of British universities
          Bernard Richards, Oxford Magazine

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