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Issue No. 20

April 2007

Notes on the Merchant of Venice, D. H. Lawrence, and the OCR examining board; a review of the God Delusion; a letter to another editor Read more...

Issues No. 18-19

October 2006 and January 2007

Translating Homer; Song of Songs and D. H. Lawrence; Leavis and philosophy; Church of England; IT plus the Dark Ages; verse; letters; the homophobic use of “gay” and a letter received a year later! Read more...

Issue No. 17

July 2006

Lying as style not statement in Wuthering Heights; Leavisite prejudice against Shelley Read more...

Issue No. 16

April 2006

Shelley in the post-modern age; Lyte, a literary theorist 3; David Baddiel's obituary; letters Read more...

Issue No. 15

January 2006

Martha Nussbaum; Shelley's "The Triumph of Life"; Lyte, a literary theorist 2; poems; letters Read more...

Issue No. 14

October 2005

Achebe's racism; Shelley's "Mont Blanc"; Lyte, a literary theorist; letters Read more...

Issue No. 13

July 2005

On Keats's "Ode to Autumn" and other poems; Lolita, a moral tale or a love story?; a short story Read more...

Issue No. 12

April 2005

Treaties versus laws; The Guardian; some rhymes; letters

Issue No. 11

January 2005

Martin Amis's Yellow Dog; going to university; philosophy reviews; poems; a cliché; letters Read more...

Issue No. 10

October 2004

On Michael Howard on "Europe"; Sebastian Faulks's Birdsong; "Ignorance" in Pilgrim's Progress; Arnold's Criticism; letters Read more...

Issue No. 9

July 2004

On Martha Nussbaum on (i) The Golden Bowl (ii) Hard Times; on Martin Amis and the present state of fiction; Peregrine Worsthorne's In Defence of Aristocracy reviewed; a poem, a query and a squib Read more...

Issue No. 8

April 2004

On style in Lolita, Orwell, style and character in Mansfield Park, “Does linguistics help you to write better?”; why Swansea University ought to be closed down Read more...

Issue No. 7

January 2004

Chinua Achebe says Conrad is a racist: is he? Religious education: who has more to offer, Philip Pullman and Jill Paton Walsh or … Bunyan? How important is standardised spelling? Letters Read more...

Issue No. 6

December 2003

A letter from Scrooge, a previously unpublished story by T. F. Powys, patience in the medieval poets, against censuses, a story by M. B. Mencher, a linguistic bibliography, a review of the OSC production of Serjeant Musgrave’s Dance Read more...

Issue No. 5

November 2003

On mind-brain identity, cliché, tragedy, Grimm’s Juniper Tree, worship, a review of Austen, Eliot, Charlotte Brontë and the Mentor Lover, Patricia Menon Read more...

Issue No. 4

October 2003

On Jeremy Paxman’s The English: a Portrait of a People, the National Lottery, women’s rights and babies’ rights, and education policy Read more...

Issue No. 3

September 2003

An education policy for a political party and letters on homosexuality and the just war Read more...

Issue No. 2

August 2003

On homosexuality, the just war, private prisons, suicide, closing down the British Council and the English Association, Harry Potter’s prose, The Amber Spyglass Read more...

Issue No. 1

July 2003

On competition, House of Lords, class and education, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Larkin Read more...

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